Dear Theresa May

Dear Theresa May,

Forgive me for writing this letter, as it’s very unusual for me to write a letter to a prominent politician, but there are several points that need to be raised about the policies of your frankly illegal government. I am going to attempt to keep this under 2000 words, as per the word count rule of my blog, but I make no guarantee as to whether this attempt will be successful or otherwise.

Firstly, the inquiry into the corporate manslaughter of well over 100 people in the Grenfell Tower Disaster must be kept independent of partisan or governmental interference, lest the critical points of the inquiry be whitewashed, or fail to be raised. This, make no mistake, was a result of seven years of putting this country’s economy into a death-like stranglehold. Anyone who knows a bit about economics knows you have to invest to see the best results of an economy. So, by outsourcing the re-cladding of that tower block to a company, who thus decided to save £2 per panel which caused the fire to spread up the building like smoke up a chimney, your party was indirectly responsible for so many deaths.

Secondly, Brexit. I suspect that by now, you are sick and tired of hearing this word. Whilst it must be said that you inherited a poisoned chalice from your predecessor, you have handled the situation with miser-like malice and misunderstood the whole point of why the damned referendum was held in the first place. The point was that whilst millions of people (myself included) grew sick of the EU dictating what we could and couldn’t do from Brussels, we didn’t expect such an undignified manner of handling from the people we voted to represent us.

Thirdly, I would like to talk about spending and the economy. I understand what caused the global recession in 2008, and path Gordon Brown had to take to save this country’s economy, but I would like to show you this little graph-


As you can see, government spending was far higher during the years of Margaret Thatcher in power than it ever was under Tony Blair and the thirteen years of Labour government. It thus follows that it is completely irrational to cap a pay rise to firefighters this year, whilst your party have tripled national debt and yet spend miniscule amounts of money on public services, such as the National Health Service, which you strangle of any funding you can. Indeed, the only thing your party has spent money on recently is the £1.5 Billion you’ve taken from taxpayers’ money in order to financially prop up your clearly illegal government.

It might also interest you to know, Ms May, that whilst your predecessor was in power, your party’s attempts at class-based genocide by cutting the welfare given to the disabled killed over 20,000 people. We now have reached the point in which the following is true:

  • 1 in 5 children in the UK live below the poverty line.
  • We have the largest amount of temporary jobs in Europe.
  • We have the largest amount of low-paid work in the developed world.
  • We are more reliant on foreign-trained doctors than anywhere else in Western Europe.


Any sane person within power would now do one of the following. Either call a general election, or resign. Neither you, your party nor your government is wanted to continue murdering our country and our economy.


Davey John Seamus Ryuzaki


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